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One Month, Hurricane Ike and A Clean House September 13, 2008

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Howdy, all! Wow, it’s been a crazy past week!

Jon and I celebrated our ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY! WOOHOO! Now, I know that to those of you who have been married several years, this may seem small. BUT, we’ve decided to celebrate the months this first year πŸ™‚ I can’t believe how much faster time seems to go on this side of marriage. In honor of my husband of one month, I’d like to say a few things that I just LOVE about him!

  • He can ALWAYS make me laugh. I’ve laughed more than ever in this first month of marriage! I definitely married a fun, funny guy πŸ™‚
  • He loves the Lord with all his heart. No matter what season my spiritual life is in, I can trust that Jon will love me and lead me in a way that encourages me to spend time with the Lord. This is such a blessing!
  • I love being involved in ministry with him. Jon and I have been blessed to lead a group of college-aged leaders this year and we are having a blast! Jon definitely leads well and I am happy to serve alongside him.
  • He is patient. I must admit that there were tears during my time of “transition.” Jon’s phrase? “Just let it all out. Just let it all out.” Isn’t he wonderful?!

I made Jon a card and he bought me some flowers. Here’s a picture of them:

In other news, I am working in the Grace nursery once a week. I started this last Wednesday and loved it! I am in the 2 year old class and I’m getting quite a taste of what Austin will be like in 1 year. It’s crazy how different they are! One of my favorites was a little boy that had on a shirt that said, “I think my name is No-No!” Isn’t that hilarious? More stories to come, I am sure πŸ™‚

Also, as most of you know, Hurricane Ike has been making quite the appearance around Texas. Since Jon and I only have about 13 channels (we got VERY basic cable!) we have been bombarded with the facts, since all the local and nonlocal stations have had non-stop coverage. In preparation for his arrival, my body decided it was a good time to host a sore throat/cold! Perfect timing, huh? This was also our first hurricane that Jon and I have been through…and we got to experience it together! We thought it’d be fun to document some pictures. Here are the “BEFORE” pictures. The first pictures are from our backyard…the sky was so pretty. Then, the sky turned this crazy orange color as the sun was setting. It cast this orange hue over the entire city. We tried to capture it on camera.

College Station definitely didn’t get the brunt of the storm, but we did have a lot of rain and high winds. Here are some after pictures…

The storm is in the last stage of passing over us and we are grateful that not much damage was done here. We have been praying for those in Galveston and Houston who have been so affected by this Hurricane.

Finally, I have pictures for you of our duplex! Jon and I had planned to do our cleaning this weekend (I’m hoping this will be an “every 2 weeks” thing…I can hope!), and I thought I’d take advantage of the clean house. So, without further adeiu, here is where we live!

The first 3 pictures are of the living room: The first one of when you walk into our front door, the second is the wall to the left of you when you first walk in, and the third is taken from the kitchen.

The next 3 pictures are of the kitchen: The first of the kitchen table, the other 2 are of our counter/sink/etc. Can you tell we are somewhat lacking in counter space? However, I LOVE our kitchen!

The next picture is of our guest room, in the side hallway. After that, you have our bathroom (in order of appearance in that side hall!), and finally, the last 2 pictures are of our bedroom (notice the headboard Jon made…I referred to it in an earlier post).

Our duplex really does feel like home! We are loving the extra bedroom/storage. We definitely need it. When we’re living in a smaller space, we’ll be needing to do some downsizing…

I have been making some fun meals lately, so I think in a post to come, I will share some of those recipes with you. I’ve found that cooking for 2 people can be fun, but challenging. I find myself feeling as though I should eat the same portion-size Jon is eating…this is no bueno. I’m learning to make smaller portions and remember that I am much smaller than him and I should stay that way! HA! Anyways, yummy food is coming your way!

Hope all is well where you are!


2 Responses to “One Month, Hurricane Ike and A Clean House”

  1. bekah Says:

    your duplex is DARLING and you have done a great job at making it look like home πŸ™‚ it is such fun to see you guys celebrating all one month of your marriage…here’s to many many more! you are a wonderful wife already!! -bekah

  2. Kent Kingery Says:

    Congratulations on one month together as husband and wife! Even though Annette and I have been married almost 22 years, I know the importance of marking the “anniversaries”.

    We miss you but are glad to keep up with you through your blog.


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