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We’re MARRIED!! August 29, 2008

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Yes, it is true…we did it!! And, considering the amount of time since I last blogged, a new leaf that has NOT turned over would be the leaf of updating more often. Sorry…

I don’t even know where to start other than we had an absolute blast the week of the wedding, at the wedding and at the reception! It was so fun to have family and friends celebrating with us! Here are some of my favorite highlights:


  • Jon and I go downtown to get our Marriage License and take notice of the large, dark clouds looming overhead. We park far away (of course), get our Marriage License (really easy and fast!) and walk outside to find it is POURING. Jon being the wonderful man that he is, ran through the rain to get our car. THANK YOU!!
  • My best friend, Jordan, came in town a day early so we could have some “us” time. I was really excited to treat us to Starbucks via a gift card I had received. We get there, order our drinks and I can’t find the card. Starbucks response? “It’s on us!” WOOHOO!! Jordan and I had a great time sipping on our free drinks and pretty much closed the place down.
  • On Thursday, Jon drops Jordan and I off at the airport to pick up our college roommate and good friend, Stephanie, up at the airport. We were quite a bit early, so we take a seat in the only empty seats we could find: 2 stools behind the information-type desk in front of the escalators. We’re there no longer than 5 minutes when people start coming up to us asking us where their flight is, which baggage claim is theirs (in Spanish…), etc. Mind you, Jordan and I are in comfy clothes and definitely NOT looking like we work there. We did our best to help them and no one came back. I consider that a success!
  • Thursday night was my bachelorette/lingerie party and we had so much fun! My sis-in-laws totally embarrassed me, but we definitely bonded 🙂 It was really great to see family, old friends and new friends come together and “shower” me in a unique way. ‘Nuff said. 
  • By Friday, all my bridesmaids had made it into town. We had a bridesmaids’ luncheon at my Granny’s house and it was such a special time. We ended the luncheon with a prayer that included all of us crying and cherishing the moment. After lunch, we all got pedicures. So fun!
  • Friday night was our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner! This is when everything really sank in…all these people were here to celebrate for us and with us.
  • Saturday was the big day!! My mom, Claire and I got manicures in the morning. Aimee and I got our hair done together. Shirlee, a sweet friend from when we were little, did my make-up, and we were up at the church by 4 to get dressed and take pictures!
Our wedding was such a wonderful experience. It was so surreal to be walking down the aisle as a bride to my groom. The church was full of family and friends that love and cherish us. It was an experience I will never forget. My dad was HILARIOUS and very practical. Claire and John David sang beautifully during the lighting of the unity candle, providing such a worshipful atmosphere for Jon and I to pray together. We were both delighted when Dad announced us as husband and wife and gladly kissed eachother! 🙂
Our reception was SO FUN, but went by SO FAST! We have such a fun group of friends that danced the night away and provided great entertainment for all our guests 🙂 The big surprise of the night was our first dance. John David helped me write a song for Jon that I recorded for our first dance. I told Jon on the way to the reception, but it was a surprise for everyone else. It was such a special time together. We laughed through our slideshow (thanks, Dad!), ate one bite of cake, listened to sweet toasts from our siblings, talked to a few people (it was so hard to see everyone!), danced one last time and left as rose petals were thrown. It was so much fun!!
We left EXTREMELY early the next morning for Jamaica. We stayed at a Sandals Resort in Ochos Rios. Here are a few pictures from our trip!
After our fabulous trip, we had the privilege of moving. FUN TIMES! If it had not been for my mom coming up here with me the weekend before our wedding, I would have been in-over-my-head overwhelmed and our house would STILL be a wreck. But it’s not! Thanks, Mom!! We are all settled in and our little duplex feels like a home. I’ll post pictures as soon as I take some and get them on my computer.
Jon and I are LOVING married life and are so grateful for the ways that people have loved us, supported us, prayed for us, blessed us with gifts and blessed us financially. God’s provision is so evident in our lives!
Oh! And good news! A couple weeks before our wedding, my current employer offered me a job that I can do from a distance! It has been such a blessing to work from home. I will also be working with our church here in the nursery. YAY! 
Jon and I are also part of a new church that Grace Bible Church started called Grace Bible Church Southwood. It is the same church, separate campus. We are surrounded by such a wonderful team of people and are really looking forward to watching God move there. We had our first Sunday last week and we had around 200 college students! It was awesome! I am also part of the worship team for the college service, which is so fun! Jon and I just couldn’t be happier 🙂 
If you’re still here, thanks for reading and keeping interest in our lives. Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend!!